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Can we talk about how Steve Rogers would probably fight to keep abortion legal and safe, because he saw how many people used to die back in the day because all abortions were illegal and unsafe and he knows if a person is pregnant and don’t want to be pregnant they will find a way to not be pregnant?

Can we talk about Steve Rogers telling off right wing politicians who say minimum wage isn’t supposed to be a living wage? Can we have him saying ‘No, I remember when it was instituted. It was supposed to be a living wage, senator.’

Can we talk about Steve Rogers supporting a raise in SNAP benefits, because he knows how it feels to go hungry?

Can we talk about Steve Rogers having problems with this country’s military industrial complex?


What if Right Wing Politicians were using him as like a mascot before he was defrosted. Like Fox News has “What Would Captain America Do?” shirts and shit like that.

And then Steve wakes up “He’s just like, lol no don’t even say my name anymore.”

And then the daily show has an entire segment dedicated to the speech he gives and fox news’ reaction.

Steve Rogers is not the hyper-masculine ultra-patriotic gun-toting conservative puppet that Fox News wants him to be. 

The news media has a field day on both sides about how he reacted to fox news. 

Liberals and dems are cheering him on and talking about how great he is and having him speak on shows and conservatives and republicans are enraged and offended and yell about how he has betrayed them and try to get him to mess up in interviews and go “well no but you really mean this right?” and he blasts them down every time. 

I need this written 4000 years ago 

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Rainbow Baking, Part 2!

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steve and bucky being in a meeting with all the avengers at the stark tower and steve is getting progressively more pissed off with them and their shenanigans while bucky just sits at the bar ignoring everything

"bucky come on, help me!"

"no way, don’t drag me into this"

"just give me a hand!"


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robots running on very low charge acting a lot like sleepy humans

tired stubborn cranky robots insisting that they’re fine despite their low battery alert going off

robots suddenly trailing off and automatically entering sleep mode mid-sentence when they absolutely cannot resist any longer (∪‿∪✿)

Want robot recharge fluff.

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talk street magic to me

drawing power from the metro lines

illusionists busking illegally, shimmering lights disintegrating as they run

plant mages tending tiny rooftop and windowbox gardens

elementary kids learning basic sigils on the playground

wixen taking a while to key into the magic in new cities when they move

alchemists dealing on the side to support their experiments

middleschoolers making friendship talismans and amulets for everyone

numerologists who’ll do your math homework for $5 or divine your fortune for $10

kids mass-texting luck and speed spells when their parties get broken up by the cops

Hell yeah, let’s talk about magic.

Like elementary kids learning silly (or inappropriate) charms from each other on the bus, the same way we learned our first swear words. Clapping games across the bus aisle, but with spells instead of rhymes.

Worrying that your friend is getting into dark magic, but not knowing how to talk to them about it. Intervention programs for kids abusing hexes and runes, because magic has given them control over something for once in their life, and they’re starting to make some dangerous choices.

Psychic teachers knowing when you’re cheating. Knowing when you’re having trouble with homework. Or at home. Knowing when you need tutoring or an AP course because you’re just not being challenged or a different teaching method because you can’t process what you’re learning in class no matter how hard you try, and the teacher tells you it’s okay, they know. They know.

Magic graffiti. Graffiti in wild places, and graffiti that vanishes when certain people roll by like the police. Or graffiti that only appears when the police walk by to insult them. Murals. Swirling, living murals on the sides of buildings. Murals that—if you listen closely—can be heard, not just seen.

In the evenings, kids hiding out in someone’s backyard or an alley passing around a joint and casting minor illusions to watch while high.

Chalk artists making works that are so realistic, they come to life off of the sidewalk.

One man bands in the park, with instruments floating around playing themselves.

Punk concerts in empty lots with amped out music and lights, but noise-cancelling spells and illusion hide them in plain sight from anyone outside of the lot.

Mediums predicting people in need, and making sure to be there at just the right moment to lend them a helping hand. “You seem upset, do you need to talk?” “Oh, you’re a dollar short? No, don’t put the milk back; I’ll cover you.” “I think your hair looks perfect today.” “You really ought to try taking your resume to this store. Trust me.”

Necromancers in forensics speaking with the dead to solve homicides and cold cases. Living lie detectors as beat cops and detectives and DEA agents.

Strangely cheap five star food diners that bake actual love into their apple pie, and they always know your dietary restrictions without being told.

Service golems in various sizes and shapes, making sure their magic users aren’t crowded, get medical attention, go where they need to, etc.They don’t get distracted, they can be hollow to hold things like medications, and in rare instances… they seem to develop loving attachment to their users despite not being alive.

Little old landladies who dabble in witchcraft brewing homeopathic remedies for people in their apartment complex.

Street magic is an amazing concept.

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Guys he’s only 12 when all of this is happening just take that in…

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i really like the idea of a fantasy setting but in modern times. elves on smart phones and taking pictures for their instagram. dwarves getting into console wars and calling each other casual gamers. mages casting dangerous spells for the vine. i want it.

"Dude I dunno, necromancy is pretty fucked up." "Do it for the vine."

Parkour elves and humans holding their dwarf friends up on their shoulders to graffiti things and hobbits with cooking shows

hobbits with cooking shows

"Mordor’s Kitchen"

"Gamgee At Home"

"Barefoot Boffin"

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